Belgian football trainer. Inspirer. Motivator.
Urbain Spaenhoven, advisor and consultant for trainers and clubs, shares 30 years of experience with you!
A post-football supplement with competitive match-oriented information!
‘Winners always have a plan, losers always have an excuse.’


Voetbalschool afgemaakt maar nog begeleiding nodig? Heeft een club een externe partner nodig om tunnelvisie te doorbreken?

De succescoach van het amateurvoetbal heeft geen introductie nodig; Urbain Spaenhoven staat voor een sterke leider met veel uitstraling die garant staat voor resultaat. Een vernieuwer die hij is, hij brengt nu zijn ruime ervaring mee naar de man en je kunt bij hem terecht! Investeer in jezelf en behaal succes als coach en club!

Urbain spreekt:

“A few months ago I was asked by a 1A club to give a tactical and technical explanation about game patterns linked to training examples. Unfortunately it stayed there, but that is where the idea arose to do something with my rich experience. In the past I have frequently coached trainers; both amateur and professional. When I started looking for how I could support them, it turned out that this specific interpretation did not yet exist. This makes me the first in Belgium to start this up as an independent entrepreneur.
The lack of a diploma does not have to be my weakness; quite the contrary. I see it as an advantage as an independent coach to be able to give personal advice and tailor-made guidance. As a self-made man I have personally developed my career and have progressed from provincial to professional football.
I still do not consider it impossible to give added value with my vision as a member of a technical staff, but one does not rule out the other.
As a self-employed person, I offer a 1 on 1 story and that has many advantages: coaches and clubs can contact me to ventilate and ask for advice on professional issues such as “How do I deal with which situation and what can I do? do? ”,“ I create few chances, what can I do? ”,“ Am I working with the right game principles? ”,“ The trainer is going through a difficult period; how do we do this? ” etc. and this for every level, every series and every department. I draw exercises on simple request and offer support in the form of functional exercise forms around all points of interest in modern football. I will of course provide the corresponding feedback afterwards.
In short; I act as a sounding board and offer a targeted solution.

It doesn't stop there; I can also be engaged for player scouting and / or profile scouting or to give presentation, demo or profile training. When a club organizes a club day, for example, I can provide specific training in my specialized 4-2-2-2 system with which I have achieved the most success over the years and which is now being implemented by some top clubs such as PSV, Leipzig and Salzburg. . But also clinics such as: "What does a professional working week look like?" "How do we work at the highest level?", "What is leadership?" or "How do we train on race day?" The latter is something I introduced in Belgium by the way.

The range is wide, flexible, creative and geared to everyone's needs. ”

Voor een vrijblijvend intakegesprek en / of meer informatie over prijzen van abonnementen en andere mogelijkheden kunt u contact opnemen met of telefoon 0475 37 86 35.